Striped Burrfish

Striped Burrfish

Chilomycterus schoepfii

Life History:

Description and Diagnostic Characteristics: Small spines cover the body in rows, 5 to 7 large dark blotches on back and sides, with many, approximately parallel to obliquely intersecting dark lines distributed over light background color. No small, dark spots either on body or fin.

Size:Maximum length of 11” (TL)

Age at Maturity:

Range:Nova Scotia to the Bahamas and even to Brazil, uncommon or absent from West Indies

Habitat:Common in seagrass beds in bays and coastal lagoons, also found around shallow reefs

Angling Information:

Bait and Tackle: Will take any natural bait and often ruin artificial lures. Mostly caught on smaller hooks.

Fishing Method: Drifting, casting, still fishing

Food Value: The meat is very good but skin and entrails are poisonous and can cause death if not prepared correctly.