Greater Amberjack

Greater Amberjack

Seriola dumerili
Amberfish, AJ

Life History:

Description and Diagnostic Characteristics: Dark line runs from eye to the front of the first dorsal fin. Its back is blue to olive in color fading to silver on the sides. Often have an amber stripe or amber or pinkish cast on the sides. No scutes.

Size: Common to 40 pounds

Age at Maturity: Around 4-5 years

Range: Florida to Cape Hatteras, but can be found as far north as Cape Cod or down to Bermuda.

Habitat: Found in deep or shallow waters around wrecks or reefs.

Angling Information:

Bait and Tackle: Heavy rod and reel with 50-pound test or more. More experienced anglers can often bring them in with spinning, baitcasting or fly gear. Live, feisty bait works best but surface plugs, spoons, jigs, or big flyrod streamers and poppers also work.

Fishing Method: Trolling, drifting, casting

Food Value: Excellent, smoked or fresh

State Regulation:

Daily Limit: 1

Minimum size: 28" FL

Federal Regulation:

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