Atlantic Croaker

Atlantic Croaker

Micropogonias undulatus

Life History:

Description and Diagnostic Characteristics: Inferior mouth; small barbels on chin; silver-gray or bronze body with dark vertical wavy bars or lines on upper sides; iridescent especially on head; preopercle strongly serrated.

Size: Usually less than 2 pounds

Age at Maturity:
2-3 years

Range: From South Florida to Massachusetts and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Habitat: Young fish found in estuaries, usually over mud or sandy bottoms; older fish (2 to 3 years) inhabit deep offshore waters during the winter months and move into bays and estuaries during the spring, summer and fall.

Angling Information:

Bait and Tackle: Light tackle spinning or baitcasters will work well. Any bait including shrimp, squid, cut up fish pieces, or crab.

Fishing Method: Bottom fishing

Food Value: Excellent. Make great pan fish.

State Regulation:

Daily Limit: 25

Minimum size: No Minimum Size

Season: All Year

Federal Regulation:

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