Dusky Shark

Dusky Shark

Carcharhinus obscurus

Life History:

Description and Diagnostic Characteristics: First dorsal fin sloping, originating over or slightly before free tips of pectoral fins. Second dorsal fin with free tip length rarely more than twice fin height. They are gray or bluish-gray above, white below and have and interdorsal ridge.

Size: Can get up to around 12 feet

Age at Maturity: Around 8½ feet

Range: Cape Cod and Georges Bank to Florida, also the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

Habitat: Continental waters inshore to outer continental shelf and adjacent oceanic waters.

Angling Information:

Bait and Tackle: Fresh dead fish or a fresh chunk of cut bait works well. Medium to heavy ocean outfits are highly recommended.

Fishing Method: Drift, still fishing

Food Value: Good

State Regulation:

Daily Limit: No Harvest

Federal Regulation:

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