Black Sea Bass

Black Sea Bass

Centropristis striata
Blackfish, Greenhead

Life History

Description and Diagnostic Characteristics: Dark brown to black with only slightly lighter belly in adults. Males may have iridescent blue markings during the breeding season and have a large fatty hump in front of the dorsal fin. Stripes or white spots may be seen on the dorsal fin and the caudal fin may be tri-lobed. The topmost ray of the caudal fin will be greatly elongated in adults.

Size: Commonly less than 2 pounds

Age at Maturity:
Protogynous hermaphrodites, that is, they change sex with size. Mature female: around 7.5 inches, males: around 9 inches.

Range: Central Florida to Cape Cod, can be found as far north as Nova Scotia

Habitat: Rocky areas, wrecks, reefs, channels with hard bottoms, jetties, and deep holes in grass flats. Larger fish prefer offshore.

Angling Information

Bait and Tackle :Light tackle such as spinning or baitcasters work well. They will eat live or dead shrimp, squid, seaworms, fish, or any cut baits. They will also go for artificial jigs.

Fishing Method: Drifting, trolling, still fishing, casting

Food Value: Excellent. Mild, white meat.

State Regulation

Daily Limit: 15

Minimum size: 12″ TL

Federal Regulation

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