Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin

Makaira nigricans
Jumping Mullet

Life History

Description and Diagnostic Characteristics: Cobalt blue to almost black on top, shading to silvery white on the bottom. Pale blue bars along sides. Upper jaw elongated to form a spear. Dorsal fin pointed at front end, pectoral fin and anal fin also pointed. Size and pointed dorsal fin are key distinguishing features.

Size: Commonly up to 500 pounds.

Age at Maturity: Males: around 76 pounds, Females: 103-105 pounds

Range: Nova Scotia to South Florida, also Bermuda

Habitat: The deep sea

Angling Information

Bait and Tackle: Artificial lures, larger live baitfish, or rigged natural baits can all be used. Lures are preferred in the open ocean and live baits are preferred around established fishing areas. Good, well-balanced ocean gear works the best with about 50-80 pound test.

Fishing Method: Drifting, trolling

Food Value: Good

State Regulation

Daily Limit: NO HARVEST

Minimum size: NO HARVEST

Season: All Year

Federal Regulation

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