Crevalle Jack

Crevalle Jack

Caranx hippos
Jack Crevalle

Life History

Description and Diagnostic Characteristics: Deep compressed body with blunt head. Color: bluish-green to greenish-gold back and silvery or yellowish belly; soft dorsal and anal fins almost identical in size; prominent black spot on operculum (gill cover); black spot at the base of each pectoral fin; no scales on throat. Sickle shaped tail.

Size: Usually 3-5 pounds but they can get upwards of 50 pounds in some parts of the world.

Age at Maturity: 55-65 cm in total body length

Range: Most common from Cape Hatteras southward, but roams as far north as Cape Cod

Habitat: Can be found all over, from inshore salt rivers to deeper waters offshore. Form schools, especially when smaller and attack and drive smaller fish into seawalls or shallows to feed.

Angling Information

Bait and Tackle: Smaller fish can be caught on any kind of light tackle but the larger fish are more picky. For larger catches use sturdy spinning, baitcasting and fly tackle with at least 8 pound test. Small fish will take most natural baits live or dead as well as casting and flyrod lures. Larger fish prefer fast moving baitfish or lures.

Fishing Method: Drifting, still fishing, trolling, casting

Food Value: people don’t like it as it has strongly flavored, dark red meat

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