Elops saurus

Life History

Description and Diagnostic Characteristics: Silvery overall with a greenish back and a single, prominent dorsal fin, deeply forked tail, and large, scoop-shaped mouth. It has a slender body with small scales and the head is small and pointed.

Size: Most are around one pound and 4 pounds is considered big

Age at Maturity: Females mature in their 4th year when they are between 15.8 – 16.5 inches, males mature in their 3rd year when they are between 13-15 inches.

Range: Most common in Florida, but can be found north up through the Carolinas

Habitat: Found anywhere from ocean beaches to inlets, bays, and coastal streams where they sometimes wander into completely fresh water. They don’t seem to have a preference for surroundings as long as there is food.

Angling Information

Bait and Tackle: Will strike most artificial lures as well as small live fish or shrimp or cut strips. Great sport with light casting tackle or ultralight gear.

Fishing Method: Still fishing, casting, drifting

Food Value: Not very good because it is bony with mushy meat

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