Sandbar Shark

Sandbar Shark

Carcharhinus plumbeus
Sand Shark, Brown Shark

Life History

Description and Diagnostic Characteristics: The first dorsal fin is large, triangular, and originates over or slightly before the pectoral insertion. The pectoral fins are large and broad. It has a snout that is shorter than the width of the mouth. The color is brownish-gray or brown above and white below. It does have an interdorsal ridge.

Size: Can get up to about 8 feet.

Age at Maturity: Males reach maturity between 4-5½ ft while females mature at 4½-5½ ft.

Range: From Cape Cod to Florida, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

Habitat: Inshore shallow coastal waters, including bays, harbors, and estuaries; typically in waters from 5-180 ft deep but can be found offshore occasionally to possibly 810 ft. They are bottom dwelling.

Angling Information

Bait and Tackle: Fresh, dead fish or stingray wings make good bait. Heavy spinning and baitcasting, surf rods, light to medium ocean gear can all be used.

Fishing Method: Still fishing, drifting

Food Value: Good

State Regulation

Daily Limit: No Harvest

Federal Regulation

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