Silver Perch

Silver Perch

Bairdiella chrysoura

Life History

Description and Diagnostic Characteristics: : Silver with a grayish or steely back. The fins are yellowish to dusky. Does not have canine teeth at the tip of the top jaw or chin barbels. Terminal mouth.

Size: Around 6-8 inches

Age at Maturity: Second or third year (6 inches)

Range: New England to Central Florida

Habitat: Prefers protected waters of bays, estuaries, and coastal streams. Abundant in coastal rivers and streams during the winter.

Angling Information

Bait and Tackle: Pieces of shrimp, fish or squid with a light spinning tackle with small hooks. Artificials and small jigs also work well

Fishing Method: Casting, still fishing

Food Value: Excellent panfish or deep-fried

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