Inshore Lizardfish

Inshore Lizardfish

Synodus foetens

Life History

Description and Diagnostic Characteristics: Colored in shades of brown with dark blotches or diamond marks on the sides. Large mouth, triangular snout, pointed, projecting beyond tip of mandible.

Size: Around 12-18 inches

Age at Maturity: Females mature in their 4th year when they are between 15.8 – 16.5 inches, males mature in their 3rd year when they are between 13-15 inches.

Range: Massachusetts to Florida

Habitat: Soft bottom from the coastline out to about 50 ft. depth.

Angling Information

Bait and Tackle: Will take any kind of live or dead bait or artificial lure. Almost always caught when fishing for something else.

Fishing Method: Drift, still fishing

Food Value: Not good, very bony

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