Sand Tiger

Sand Tiger

Carcharias taurus

Life History

Description and Diagnostic Characteristics: Its first dorsal fin is far back on the body, closer to the pelvic fins than to the pectoral fins. The first and second dorsal and anal fins are nearly equal in size. A flattened snout with long mouth extending behind the eyes and large teeth that are needlelike, protruding from the mouth with 1-2 small cusplets. They are gray to light brown color above, grayish white below, often with brownish spots scattered on the body. Juveniles have yellowish-brown spots. No interdorsal ridge.

Size: Up to around 10½ feet

Age at Maturity: Male maturity is reached at 6.3 feet at four to five years of age. Female maturity is reached at six years or over 7.2 feet in total length.

Range: Gulf of Maine to Florida, including the Gulf of Mexico, the Bahamas and Bermuda.

Habitat: Coastal; found from the surf zone and shallow bays to the outer shelves and are generally bottom dwelling.

Angling Information

Bait and Tackle: Live or dead natural baits as well as artificials. Spinning, baitcasting, as well as fly outfits also work. This species is protected and should be immediately released.

Fishing Method: Still fishing, drifting

Food Value: Because they are good to eat they are now protected and cannot be kept

State Regulation

Daily Limit: No Harvest

Federal Regulation

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